Surety Bond Types

Applying for a Texas Surety Bond online is as easy as 1-2-3. Select the bond type from the list below, and follow the instructions listed on the bond page that you have selected.

We offer excellent rates on all types of surety bonds from standard preferred rates to  high risk bonds for individuals with poor credit.

If you cannot find the surety bond you are looking for, or if you need help completing a form, please contact our customer service at 1-800-374-9227 or email us at


Commercial Bonds – License & Permit Bonds:

 Many states, cities, and counties require business owners to acquire license and permit bonds in order to conduct business. Select the bond you need from the list below.

  •  Auto Dealer Bond
  •  Auto Title Bond
  •  Auctioneer Bonds
  •  Broker Bond
  •  Beer & Wine Bond
  •  Collection Agency Bond
  •  Contractor License Bond
  •  Customs Bond
  •  DEMPOS Bond
  •  Employee Theft Bond
  •  Employment Agency Bond
  •  Fuel Tax
  •  Grain Warehouse
  •  Health Club Bond
  •  Hunting, Fishing License Bond
  •  ICC
  •  Insurance Broker Bond
  •  Lease
  •  License Permit Bond
  •  Lottery Bond
  •  Mixed Liquor
  •  Mortgage Brokers
  •  Medicare Bond
  •  Notary Public Bond
  •  Oil and Gas
  •  Packers & Livestock
  •  Pawn Broker
  •  Patient Trust Bond
  •  Payday Loan Bond
  •  Pre-Need Funeral Bond
  •  Promoter
  •  Real Estate
  •  S.I.R. Workers Compensation
  •  Surplus Lines Broker Bond
  •  Sales Tax
  •  Tax Preparer Bond
  •  Tax Collector Bond
  •  Telemarketing Bond
  •  Title Agency Bond
  •  Transmitter Bond
  •  Travel Agency Bond
  •  Trust Administrator
  •  Used Car Dealer Bond
  •  Utility Bond
  •  Wage and Welfare Bond
  •  Other Surety Bonds
  • Notary Public E&O Insurance
  • ABC Bonding Notary App


Contract Bonds (Construction Bonds):

A contract bond guarantees faithful performance of a construction contract and payment of all material and labor bills related to that contract. A Performance Bond covers faithful performance only; a Payment Bond guarantees payment of material and labor expenses.

  •  Bid Bonds
  •  Developer Bond
  •  Maintenance Bond
  •  Performance Bond
  •  Payment Bond
  •  Subdivision BondSupply Bond
  •  Warranty


Court Bonds:

 Court bonds are required for court-appointed officials entrusted with managing the property of others; executors of estates and receivers in bankruptcy are frequently required to post fiduciary bonds. Other types of court bonds include appeal bonds, which guarantee that a judgment will be paid if an appeal is lost in a higher court.

  •  Appeal Bond
  •  Custodian Bond
  •  Executor Bond
  •  Fiduciary Bond
  •  Guardianship Bond
  •  Probate Bond
  •  Lien Release Bond
  •  Indemnification BondInjunction Bond
  •  Public Official


Fidelity Bonds:

These types of bonds are sometimes referred to as fidelity bonds and are insurance bonds taken by a business or employer on designated employees. The bonds provide insurance coverage in the event of employee theft, fraud, or misrepresentation.

  •  Business Services Bond
  •  Commercial Crime Bond
  •  Dishonesty Bond
  •  Employee Dishonesty Bond
  •  Janitorial Bond
  •  Pension Trust (ERISA)



Surety Bond Types:
Auto Dealer Bond
Auto Title Bond
Construction Bonds
Court Bond
Fidelity Bonds
Guardianship Bond
Liquor Bond
Medicare Bond – DMEPOS
Notary Public Bond
Sales Tax Bond
Probate Bond

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