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Commercial Surety Bonds are most important for people or business that are licensed by government of States, Cities, or even small towns. Individuals or Employers are required to have these kinds of surety bonds to ensure absolute adherence to laws and policies. Such commercial bonds or Licenses and Permits as they are called protect the consumer from any sort of fraudulent activity or any other clause specified in the surety bond. ABC Bonding of Texas has been issuing commercial bonds for the last 15 years and we are located in Houston, Texas but we do service all of the State of Texas.


Types of Commercial Bonds:

Auto Dealer Bond

This bond protects the general public and consumer from any sort of illegal acts of the auto dealers. Texas Auto Dealer Bond rate start @350.00/2yrs, MVD Bonds are easily available online and you can apply securely.

Auto Title Bond

Such bonds are useful in cases where ownership of vehicles is not clear, and thus the State provides bonded titles. This bond is easily available starting @ $100.00


Pension Trust also known as ERISA bond serves the investment agents and advisors against any illegal acts by the beneficiaries or participants. A $25,000 Bond is minimum requirement to obtain license from the Texas State Authority rate starts $100

Side walk Bond

This bond is required by cities or small towns are to build sidewalk or driveways. Rate for this type of bond start @ $100

Medicare Bond – DEMOS

Medicare suppliers are obliged to provide such bonds worth $ 50,000 to the State and the Federal Governments. Also known as DEMOS are available at rates from $250.00/yr

Mixed Beverage – Alcohol Tax Bond

This is to ensure payment of appropriate taxes of beverages to the state. Conduct Bond of $ 2000 rate starts @ $100 Beer and Wine Bond worth $ 5000 Mixed liquor Tax $7500 Bond is available from $250.00

Notary Bond

This is required by the State Government to be licensed by the Notary. You can apply online at www.TexasNotary.comThey are available at $ 50.00 for bonds worth $ 10,000 

Insurance Agent Bond

This bond is required by the State that issues a License for the transaction of business in that State.Available rate starts @ $250.00 for a bond worth $ 10,000

Utility Bond

These are replacements against security deposits to be paid to electric supply company or companies ensuring that the bills will be timely paid. Available in multiple Bond values

Vendor Bonds

Required by city vendors to sell on streets Bond worth $ 10,000 is mostly required rate starts @ $200/2yrs and 10days

Sales Tax Bond

Usually required by the State or the federal Governments to impose sales taxes Applicant Credit rating defines bond rate varying between 0.50% to 15%

Other Type of Commercial Surety Bonds:

Auctioneer Bonds   Broker Bond
Beer & Wine Bond   Conduct Bond
Collection Agency Bond   Contractor License Bond
Customs Bond   DEMPOS Bond
Employee Theft Bond   Employment Agency Bond
Fuel Tax   Grain Warehouse
Health Club Bond   Hunting Fishing License Bond
ICC   Insurance Broker Bond
Lease   License Permit Bond
Lottery Bond   Oil and Gas
Packers & Livestock   Pawn Broker
Patient Trust Bond   Payday Loan Bond
Pre-Need Funeral Bond   Promoter
Real Estate   S.I.R. Workers Compensation
Surplus Lines Broker Bond   Sales Tax
Tax Preparer Bond   Telemarketing Bond
Title Agency Bond   Transmitter Bond
Travel Agency Bond   Trust Administrator
Used Car Dealer Bond   Utility Bond
Wage and Welfare Bond    
   All Other Surety Bonds:     


Surety Bond Types:
Auto Dealer Bond
Auto Title Bond
Construction Bonds
Court Bond
Fidelity Bonds
Guardianship Bond
Liquor Bond
Medicare Bond – DMEPOS
Notary Public Bond
Sales Tax Bond
Probate Bond

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