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Texas Court Bonds basically guarantees concerning litigation. They ensure that the defendant will return back to court for trial. Appeal Bond for example is a form of court a bond that guarantees that a judgment will be paid in case the appeal is lost in the high court of law. Plaintiff’s Replevin Bond is another form of a Court Bond that guarantees payment of damages if a replevin action is brought forth in a wrong manner. Then there is the Removal Bond, guarantees payment in case of improper removal actions taken. There are many other court bonds like probate bond, custodian bond, guardianship bond and many more.  

  • Most Court Bonds are issued within 24 Hours. 

  • Rate For Court Bonds Starts from $5 per Thousand.  

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Types of Court Bonds:


Custodian Bond

This bond ensures that a guardian who has been appointed will manage the funds or individual finances carefully. A Custodian Bond is also known as Guardianship Bond.

 Probate Bond

This bond is required at the time of distributing a deceased person’s estate or property. It is to protect the dead person’s properties.

Appeal Bond

This bond holds guarantee that the original judgment of the court will be paid for. This bond ensures that no frivolous appeal is made to the courts and thus secures unsuccessful appeals.

Guardianship Bond

The guardianship bond also knows as custodian bond, it insures that an appointed guardian will correctly manage the finances of the individual. This type of bond is also known as custodian bond.

Administrator Bond

The administrator’s bond is very similar to probate bond. This bond is required at the time of distributing a deceased person’s estate or property. It is to protect the dead person’s properties.

Supersedes Bond

A supersedeas bond is a type of surety bond used in civil litigation. Loosing party is typically entitled to post a supersedeas bond following a lawsuit if the party plans to appeal the outcome.



Injunction or Restraining Order Bond

Type of judicial bond under which a plaintiff is held liable for damages in the event of a false injunction. The objective of this bond is to protect the party who has been wrongly accused by a plaintiff and suffers financial loss. 

Sequestration Bond

A sequestration bond is a type of surety court bond used to repossess a vehicle by loss payee. A surety bond is a bond issued on behalf of a second party that ensures the second party will fulfill an obligation to a third party.


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