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Type of Bond

Appeal Bond

Appeal Bonds Guarantee of payment of the original judgment of a court. When a judgment is appealed, a bond is usually required to guarantee that if the appeal were unsuccessful, funds would be available to pay the original judgment as well as The costs of the appeal. This serves to discourage an individual from appealing merely to stall for time or for frivolous reasons. Appeal bonds can be issued on the same day of receiving a signed application & court documents. It is subject to credit verification.

A supersedeas or appeal bond is a “bond required of one who petitions to set aside a judgment or execution and from which the other party may be made whole if the action is unsuccessful.” Black’s Law Dictionary 1438 (6th ed. 1990). To be clear, an appeal bond is not, technically, a requirement for appeal

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How Does an Appeal Bond Work?

Put simply, the purpose of an appeal bond is to maintain the status quo during appeal whereby the surety insurer issues a guarantee, on behalf of the appellant, to the appellee that, if the judgment is affirmed, the surety will pay the appellee if the appellant is unable to do so

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