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Type of Bond

Contractor License Bond

A contractor license bond Provide a form of guarantee that the bonded contractor will
perform the job in a manner acceptable to the trade and workmanship standards. The
bond gives the contractor additional incentive to perform quality work and stand by
his/her work.
The state of Texas doesn’t require general contractors, home improvement specialists, or
handyman services to hold a license. But remember: The area in which you’re working might
have other ideas on paperwork. In Texas, contractor license bonds are enforced at the city or
county level.

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How much does a bond cost in Texas?

Bond costs are generally 1-10% of the full bond amount that’s required of you in Texas.
So, for example, if you need a $10,000 bond, your costs could be anywhere between
$100 – $1,000

Do general contractors need a license in Texas?

The state of Texas doesn’t require general contractor licenses, so there’s no need for
renewal at the state level. If your local municipality requires you to become licensed,
you’ll need to follow their renewal guidelines to keep your license up to date.

Do I need a license to paint houses in Texas?

Texas has no painter license requirement on a state level; however, you may require a
local license to operate your painting business in a specific city.

How Much Does a Texas Contractor License Bond Cost?

 Bond Amounts: Typically range between $1,000 and $25,000.
 Premium Rates: Usually between 1% and 10% of the bond amount.
 Credit Influence: A better credit score can lead to lower premiums in some cases.

Texas Contractor License Bond is essential for any contractor with aspirations to
work within the state of Texas. The price, often referred to as the bond’s premium, is calculated as a percentage of the overall bond amount needed. The bond requirements
for contractors are not uniform and can differ significantly across counties or
municipalities. However, in general terms, contractors should be prepared to secure a
bond ranging from $1,000 to $25,000. Consequently, the cost of obtaining a surety bond
could be as low as $100. The bond premiums typically fluctuate between 1% and 10%
of the bond amount.
Your credit history is a key factor in establishing the cost of the surety bond in some
type of surety bonds. Contractors boasting excellent credit are frequently subject to
lower premiums, as their track record typically represents a reduced risk.

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